He Said/She Said is a participatory, transmedia project about dating in the digital age.

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Sue just met John. They’re having a New York moment of trying to get to know each other as quickly as possible before the fear of missing out sets in.

"It was instantly like I need to know this guy,"

she later recalls.

Act 1 documents their story, capturing a specific moment in time - the first 48 hours of courtship.

"Her eyes were like these bottomless pits... I
could get lost in them," he later remembers.

We asked them what happened in the cuddle room, and they responded...

Whose version of the cuddle room
do you believe?

The price of omission! Let's see what her friend has to say.

"Everything being completely... voluntary... and purely chosen... is really sexy and attractive."

"There's something ephemeral about him... but there's also a quality of permanence to him."

Do you think they mean what they say here?

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What happens next you must be wondering...

In early 2015, I set out to document how couples conduct their online and offline relationships. How can we harness the power of social messaging tools to tell stories about relationships in transition? And how can such stories become their own tools for reflection?

In this age of ubiquitous self-documentation, I suspect there are moments when we come to doubt the things we post. I wonder in those moments: Are we cutting corners by forcing our experience to fit our language - language fleeting enough to draw an invisible sea of nods and approval?

The timing of each episode’s release mimics the relationship dynamic at play. A tone of urgency characterizes every interaction in the first couple’s story. Their segments will be released at a quicker pace than that of the second couple, who is well-entrenched in their day-to-days. The heartbreaking journey of voluntary separation always begins with stagnation. Segments released about the third couple are characterized by false starts and abrupt endings.